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Matthew W

Nov 10,2012
Honor Physics, Calculus

I am a junior taking all honors and AP classes, the hardest of which are Honors Physics and Honors Pr-Calculus. Barish teaches in a way that makes the subject enjoyable, and therefore easier to learn. He provides thorough background information to help in your understanding of the concept at hand, and then works through as many problems pertaining to the subject as needed to grasp the process. He then makes sure you can solve all types of different problems on your own, and that you are ready for any variation of the problems that might be on testing material. Barish can provide a very solid understanding of the problematic subject in a much shorter time than you can on your own, and most importantly, he is able to make the process enjoyable.

Pat L

Oct 30,2012
SAT Math

Barish is the best tutor I have encountered, he is very easy to learn from and you will actually be excited to learn and improve your skills. If you need a tutor, Barish is the best you don't have to look any farther.

Christine H

Oct 26,2012
EC315 Quantitative Research - Graduate Level. 

Outstanding! I feel very comfortable asking questions, and learn a great deal during each meeting. Barish is very patient, well prepared, and extremely knowledgeable in statistics. Step-by-step processes are explained, with real-world examples to help me better understand and get the most value of my course. Thank you!

Elizabeth M

Sept 10,2012
Calculus II 

Barish tutored me in Calculus II and made this class so much more understandable for me. He was very helpful in going over all the necessary material for me to be able to succeed in the class as well as extra material to make sure I was completely prepared. He had very thorough and clear explanations and had several approaches to solving problems. In addition he was patient and took his time to make sure I understood each concept. He is easily reached and has flexible meeting times. Clear that Barish cares about all his students and wants them to succeed- Thank you!

Brain J

Aug 2,2012
Harvard University
Bachelor of Liberal Arts ( A.L.B.) Candidate 

Bari provides clear explanations and a patient and positive attitude. Thanks to working intensively with him on my principles of finance course, I consistently got scores in the 90-100% range. Highly recommended!"

Haley H

July 30,2012
Statistics and Probability

I found your tutoring sessions extremely helpful, especially, concerning the section on probability. The way you broke down the probability problems and explained the equations cemented a concept that before was completely incomprehensible to me. You helped me look at a statistic problem in a different way and taught me skills on how to decode "text book English". Before coming to my first lesson I was a bit nervous on being tutored by someone I had never met, however your calm and friendly manner put me at ease. Thank you ever so much for tutoring me. I wish you the best of luck in your plans to open your own office. If I ever need any more help in math or have friends that are in need of a tutor, I will be sure to recommend you.

Suzy S

June 22,2012

Barish was like a ray of sunshine in a storm. . . our son, Connor, was falling behind in Algebra because he had missed some key points. Barish assessed and identified the problem and worked with Connor in a respectful, patient manner to re-teach the material. As a result, Connor gained confidence and felt prepared to take the Algebra final exam. Thank you, Barish! 

Anish L

June 3, 2012 
Precalculus 10th Grade

The best thing about Bari is that he makes sure you can answer the question yourself. He makes you understand the concept and makes sure you can answer a similar question if it shows up on a test. He also teaches you multiple ways of solving a problem and how you can check it, this is really helpful to minimize mistakes.

Ravi N

January 26, 2012
Math 6th Grade

Very friendly. Easy to understand. My son developed self esteem in school, after starting Math tutoring with Barish. My son found Math is easy and fun than any other subject. I would recommend Barish to any student who wants to get motivated to get good grades in Math.

Erica D

December 3, 2011 
Research Design and Methods – ORG 7400 (PhD) Statistical Analysis using SPSS, MS Excel, Minitab 

Barish is a fantastic tutor! Not only does he demonstate superior math skills, but he is patient, helpful, and takes the time to make sure you understand the material. He has singlehandedly gotten rid of my fear of statistics. Barish has been a tremendous support in going through my classes week by week. I couldn’t ask for a better tutor!

Khaled S

November 27, 2011 
Mathematics and Statistics for Business - MBA 501 Statistical Analysis using MS Excel , Minitab, 
Probability theory 

Barish, is a great tutor i studied with him mathematics and statistic for my MBA class and he delivers the information clearly and easily, even in the complicated problem he can make it easy to understand. moreover he is greats with with time, you can pick any time you want to meet him and he will be there. 

William M

October 6, 2011 Elementary Statistics – MAT 207 Statistical Analysis using MS Excel , Minitab

An excellent and patient instructor! I have totally benefited from his tutorials. I will continue to consult with him after the course is done because i feel he breaks down the subject in a very comprehensible and interesting format.

Ilene M

July 8, 2011 
Quantitative Analysis for Decision Making Statistical Analysis using MS Excel

I can’t say enough good things about Barish’s teaching style. He is wonderful! I have had 2 years of statistics at SNHU in Manchester, NH, and now have Quantitative Analysis as part of my Master’s curriculmn, and even though I highly recommend SNHU, didn’t learn as much as I have with Barish. Barish is patient and knows my math skills are not great, so he took the time to help me and fully explain why I need to study statistics as well as fully explain that the “z” and “t” charts are probability charts. (I either did not learn this or had forgotten this in undergraduate school.) Barish’s rates are good, and I highly recommend retaining him!

Joseph M

July 8, 2011 
Differential Equations-Linear Algebra Homework problems using MATHCAD

I found Barish to be a credible Mathematics Tutor in all college levels, His personality and individual attention to student detail goals are second to none.
I certainly recommend him to anyone seeking a true academic success in every aspects of Scientific Engineering Study.

Mark P

May 25, 2011 1.
Elementary Statistics 2. Inferential Statistics Statistical analysis involves use of Minitab, StatDisk and StatCrunch 

I’m currently taking an online math class from an online university that shall remain anonymous at this present time. I was absolutely clueless as to what I was doing in this present class. By my own admission I suffer from what is commonly referred to as a math phobia. Unlike other areas of study, mathamatics has always been extremely difficult for me. I sought out the services from someone online that might be able to help me in this area. That’s when I came accross the advertisement listed by barish dantal. I was skeptic at first, and fearful of the many online scammers out there. My suspicions were laid to rest why I finally met barish. We agreed to meet at a designated place and he was on time. He was adequately prepared and was very easy to talk to. He worked with me for several hours until all required work was completely and without error. I’m in constant contact with barish throughout the week via the computer or other mobile devices. He is always available to answer any significant questions relative to the class at any hours. As a result of this I’m achieving what seemed absolutely impossible a few weeks ago. I’m passing my online statistics class and I owe it all to barish. Within this working relationship I’ve come to find a dear friend that I can truly count on. I would recommend barish to anyone needing assistance in any math class. You can’t put a pricetag on good help and the pursuit of a higher education. That in itself is nothing short of priceless. Thank you for all that you’ve done and continue to do for me Barish.

Yemisi A

May 20, 2011 
Course Name: Advance Statistics II – SPSS Statistical Analysis using IBM’s SPSS software 

I can attest to Barrish’s amazingly effective teaching style. 
I registered for my Stat 2 (Ph.D program) with crippling anxiety but Barrish’s fun, caring and creative tutoring methods made the class much easier than I could ever imagine. When I first met Barrish I was afraid of the distance between us (lived in different states) but through weekly tutoring on skpe, I was able to excel in the course beyond my expectation. Barris is reliable, punctual and committed to his student’s success. I have to mention that even when I traveled to Africa, the time difference was not a hindrance because he again worked with me on Skpe as a result I did not miss a beat. Thanks a million Barrish! You are simply the best.

Dusuba K.

May 18, 2011 
Course Name: Statistics II – SPSS Statistical Analysis using IBM’s SPSS software 

Barish is a wonderful instructor. Going into this course my only objective was to get the credit. However, he helped me understand my need to learn statistics not only for my PhD. research but also to incorporate it into the daily aspects of my life. I benefited a lot from his clear presentation. He actually made statistics fun, something I looked forward to, dissolving all my initially preconceived fears. I’m very delighted to recommend a professor who uses all the technology and all types of learning styles to help students learn.
Great teaching skills!